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​                    2019-2020 MASSAGE SPECIALS & MASSAGE STYLES

​Therapeutic Massage: Where you the client are nude and are draped with a towel or linen. I am dressed in gym attire or shirtless: In call or out-call rate with me Male C.M.T. :​

1 hour = $70.00
90 minutes = $100.00
2 hours = $140.00​

​​​​​​​The Mutual nude Mutual Touch: Where both client and masseur/masseuse are nude. Client has the option to be draped with a towel or linen if desired based on your own comforts and security: This form and style is more in touch, passionate, warm, friendly yet non-clinical but very Therapeutic.

​​​​​In call with Male C.M.T. :
​1 hour = $80.00
​90 minutes $120.00
2 hours = $160.00 - Typically for women and couples.
3 and 4 hour sessions are available as well.
​​​Out call w/Male C.M.T.
​​1 hour $120.00
​90 minutes $160.00
2 hours $220.00
3  and  4 hour  sessions are available as well. Typically for women and couples.


The Mutual Nude or The Traditional Dressed Therapeutic Option 4 hands Massage with me and my female partner Jean or if you prefer my male partner Bryan; he and I are quite good together as well.

1 hour $200.00
90 minutes $260.00 ​​​​
2 hours $320.00 

Shaving available for men and women:
Full body Shave with cream or shave gel: $80.00

Generalized Body shaving with cream or gel: Cost will vary depending on what
needs to be done. ​​​​Range from $10.00 to $80.00 - Please if you are a bear let me know in advance.

Tipping not included. Also I have overnight sessions available upon request both 4 hands and 1-on-1 any session style, however generally they  are typically out call only, meaning I-we come to you. I also have overnight sessions available for singular people or couples to be discussed in further detail.

​Tipping is appreciated, but not required.
​(Tipping is generally between 20% to 100% based on service provided.)

Currently I or we are available to travel to you home, office or hotel within the DC-MD-NOVA-NYC areas. If traveling required to the NYC area arrangements​​​ can be made and talked over with me Male CMT. Thank you.

Massage Therapies I offer:

1. Sensual Massage:

A sensual massage is a full body massage that helps release tension and stimulate the senses. Massage comes from Taoist traditions and is also recommended for overall optimum health. Massage helps relax muscles throughout the body, soothes headaches, improves the work of the immune system, helps increase circulation and is excellent for brain functioning.

Sensual massage is an experience that is filled with possibilities of making connections that can lead to change both men and women for the better. Including mentally, physically and spiritually. The sensations and desire for touch has been a good way to help people connect, or to reconnect, with their authentic self. This seems to happen in several ways. Receiving a sensual massage helps a person make connections with his or her own body. It Increases body awareness, meaning that individual is able to connect often for the first time with the body's true needs, wants and desires. The recipient or client becomes aware of the body's innate drives for food, personal relationships, work related life and living environments that are health-sustaining. Increased body awareness invites and encourages the individual to take responsibility for his or her own health, and to take better care of the body he or she lives in.

Clients who are receptive and open to the experience of a sensual massage and have an openness to trust me as your masseur is just as important as the physical and mental desire for touch.

Having a level of security within a session are attributes that help in the relaxation for a wonderful massage.

Good communication and professionalism are things you can expect from me. Sensual massage, has its greatest benefits over time. The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative, so the more often you receive a massage, the better you will feel, the more quickly your body will respond and be more receptive as well as feel good overall.

​​​​ 2. Therapeutic Massage: Massage is a manual manipulation of the body's soft tissue for the purpose of stimulating circulation and promoting relaxation. It has been used in many world cultures for more than 10,000 + years. Massage allows you a quiet time to focus on yourself and become more connected to your body. This type of massage is generally used for the reduction of stress and pain.

Therapeutic Massage can help with the following:
A. Stress Reduction
B. Anxiety
C. Relaxation
D. Muscle aches and pains
E. Sleep problems
F. Sports Conditioning

3. Four Hands Massage::  inquire about my female partners on email or text.

Benefits of the 4 hands massage: ​​

​​This session style brings you the client to a higher level of satisfaction and relaxation through the use of 4 hands verses 2. Our techniques, kneads and touches are loving, passionate yet completely different from one another.

The sensual techniques are a large part of the massage itself. Enabling a deep letting-go feeling in a unique exploration of bodywork. With usage of a variety of methods, kneads and strokes. The relaxation that comes within you the client is different from person to person. As you allow yourself to let go and surrender to the exhilarated harmony of healing and pleasure administered by four hands working to revive your inner spirits and arousal are amazing. The overall benefit is ultimate relaxation.

4. Yoni Massage: The goal of the Yoni massage is not solely to achieve or heighten a woman‘s peak, although you will hit that spot more often the more time that is spent it's a more pleasant and a welcomed side effect that women deem to experience. The goal is as simple as to slowly pleasure and sensually massage the Yoni also known as the clitoral area. From this perspective both client and the masseur/masseuse can relax together. With Yoni and Sensual massage you will reach a higher level of satisfaction more than once and it will occur in a more expanded, more intense manner.

From a client aspect you should feel unpressured, unrushed and incredibly relaxed. Mainly I will combine both the Sensual massage and the Yoni massage together in a full body massage, this would be more beneficial for a potential client in the long scale of things. Generally this massage style is between 90 minutes up to 3 hours. This massage style is designed for women only. I take my time and give a potential client the best I can in a quality session without putting a giant hole in the pocket or purse.
The glands portion of the clitoris holds 6,000 to 8,000 sensory nerve endings, it's more sensitive than any other tissue in the human body. This is a hypersensitive node and has only two sole purposes which is pleasure and relaxation . Nothing exceeds its ability to receive and transmit sensations of touch, pressure or vibration through both mind and body chemistry and once it's been massaged, touched and tantalized with passion and caress you will feel amazing.

Once Yoni and Sensual massage are completed you would lay back on the table or bed and enjoy the after glow effects of the massage and I could be holding, caressing and cuddling with you if that is something in addition you would want. Those aspects are just as important as the massage itself. Openness, self security and the comfort level you the client have with me as your masseur are also just as important.

As a clients' Massage Therapist it’s my goal and desire to make your session with me the most comforting as I take both your mind and body on a symphonic journey during your time spent with me as your masseur. This is a highly skilled intimate and passionate level of massage and art form it’s designed to be more stimulating when both parties are comfortable with one another. The idea is to have your own experience. As everyone has a different experience. The art of touch is dignified by you yourself by how a client receives the sensations and pleasures from varied techniques that I will use and how your body reacts to those techniques and sensations. Everything varies from person to person. I will use my best judgment on where to utilize my time, efforts and energy to make sure you receive the best overall massage session.

​5. Sports Massage: Is a special form of massage and is typically used before, during, and after athletic events, before or after the gym or exercise. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the athlete or gym minded individual for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Sports Massage Therapy helps alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissue during physical activity. Where minor injuries occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse. Massage can break the tension down quickly and effectively without leaving bruising to the muscle itself, like that of a deep tissue massage.
Sports massage has many benefits. In addition to FEELING GOOD, sports massage reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces muscle tension, improves flexibility, and relieves pain. Each sport uses muscle groups in a different ways​.

​ 6. Prostate Massage: Generally for men 40 and over unless talked over with me Male C.M.T.

The proper way to administer a Prostate Massage is a 1 or 2 gloved finger insertion massaging the internal glands of the Prostate itself. Men whom are younger I typically do not recommend it based upon the internal effects if may have on your Prostate health longer down the road. ​It is recommended before a Prostate Massage that you are cleaned out and if you need guidance on the process of that I can certainly instruct you on where to go and what to do to prepare before your session. * Please note - there are no toys used nor any other form of penetration if you want a correct Prostate Massage, unless talked over with me male C.M.T.


I also work with any mentioned above modalities in a combination styled massage session that goes for both 1-on-1 massages with me Male C.M.T. and my 4 hands massage sessions with either my female or male partners. However generally the other modalities until my partners are trained by me correctly, I myself administer the other modalities I offer. But all my partners learn, watch and can be hands on so they can a learning field as well provided you the client are open to that. ​​​​







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