Steve Giroux Massage Therapy
A Mind, Body Experience
Q1.: I don't want to go out; Are you available come to my home?
A1: Yes of course, provided you are accessible to Washington DC-Nova Metro area or NYC-Penn Station Amtrak area.
(Usually be within a 15 mile radius and metro-cab accessible.) If out of the DC-MD-VA Metro area other arrangements can be made. ​
​Q2: I have had major surgery that has left me scarred and deformed - what will you think?
A2: I will think that you have gone through a terrible ordeal and need all the help and support you can get.

Q3: I would love to be massaged by a man but how can I be sure that you won't take advantage?
A3: You can't really but I have been massaging both men, women and couples professionally for 15 years as of January 2020 and haven't taken advantage of one yet. Give me a chance. You'll enjoy it.

Q4: How do I know that you aren't just after a ‘bit on the side’?
A4: It is not in my interests to deceive you. Rely on your own judgment.
​Q5: Can I tell my friends about my session with you?
A5: Yes, you can. Why not? But I won't tell anyone about your session. Your discretion and privacy are important to me.
​​Q6: How much is all this going to cost me?
A6: I stay competitive, however generally you will find my service to be lower than anyone else’s. I have regular rates, specials I run at different times and seasons of the year and returning client specials for those who are regular clients and wish to have a long standing Working-Relationship-Friendship with their Masseur.

​Q7: I'm single, student, parent, having career/job difficulties in our economy, etc., and I'm not sure I can afford your service. Can you work with me?
A7: Yes provided you are 21 +, I'm not in this business solely for the money, I have a true passion for the art of massage and the healing techniques that provide amazing feelings throughout the body. We can discuss all the details when you email me.
If you are a police officer, Secret Service, Corrections Officer with D.O.C., Military, EMT, Fire and Rescue, or Defense Instructors or College Students. ID or current class schedule will be required for discounts those can be talked over with me the C.M.T. male depending on length of session desired as well as the budget your working with. Discounts can also be incorporated for the 4 hands massage as well.

Q8: Do you use a table or a bed?
A8: Over the past few years I've found that tables to be very uncomfortable and intrusive to many of my clients specially if larger in body size. Well being and comfort during a session is important to me. The sessions I work with are designed to relax the mind and the body helping it to be stress free, in addition to being able to enjoy the massage experience itself.
However do offer a brand new luxury cushioned massage table for in calls mainly however if really needed I will travel with my table. I seldom travel with the table, the table itself can be quite bulky and heavy specially if carried for a certain amount of time on my shoulder, or on my back. So in answer to the question: I use and offer both.

Q9: Do you offer discounts to Military Personnel?
A9: Yes I do provide Military Discounts - Provided you can furnish your Military ID - Not a Drivers license or State ID card or are dressed in uniform. Discount per 1 person is $15.00 U.S.D off any 1 hour session, based on Massage Special, session rates. If you are Married or a couple per 2 people it's $20.00 U.S.D off any 90 minute session. Both people as a couple do not have to have military ID'S only 1 person. Discount is also valid when no other promotional offers are on special. Discounts are also available for retired military vets as well.

Q10: What do most women clients enjoy?
A10: The majority of women clients enjoy a Sensual massage with stimulation with a combination of Therapeutic, Sensual, Yoni massage, and /or the Sports therapy massage. The Sensual massage is less deeper on pressure and your body and mind will feel refreshed, satisfied as well as uplifted. It will NOT bruise your body like that of most Deep Tissue Massages that numerous Massage Therapists provide. I however do not.
With the Sports Therapy Massage: It's more focused to gym-athletic minded people who enjoy stretching within a session in addition to the full body massage. Usually women clients like spending time with me because my sessions from what I understand are less rough and more comforting than other masseurs and masseuses in the area. Also almost always in a non rushed, clock watching session. Massage is meant to relax the mind and body, not be rushed.

Q11. What massage modalities do men typically enjoy that haven't had a massage before?
A11. In answer to this frequent question the answer depends on the modality you want the best coverage from. Most first timers get the combination styled massage session with modalities of Sensual, Therapeutic and a mixture of Sports Therapy with stretching and or Swedish which is deeper in pressure. (Specially those who are gym minded).

Q12: Do I offer same day appointments?
A12: Answer is yes provided I do not have something else scheduled. I also accept appointments in advance. I no longer accept last minute appointments, as too many people cancel their appointments or become no shows or I show up and no one answers the door. It's rather annoying. I only accept appointments by phone call, email, text message or in person through consultation visits.

Q13: Is there was anything that a client can do before a session?
A13: I'd recommend a warm to hot shower to help the skin's pores to open up and to allow the essential oils and or lotions/creams be absorbed into the skin that helps in a couple ways. (1) - is the oils, lotions or creams are more easily absorbed into the skin helping the skin itself to be more illustrious and smooth. (2)- It helps in the process of the massage when there isn't a preexisting amount of sweat or dirt build up that can be messy when giving a massage and when the lotion or oil is applied the skin may reject the oil or lotion leaving some residue on the skin. Many of the products I use are incredible for the skin. Since everyone’s skin type and tones are different, I use my best judgment on which one would be right for you unless instructed otherwise by you the client. You are also welcome to bring your own, provided I'm not allergic to it.

​​Also let me know if you have any known allergies to skin care products in advance before scheduling your appointment. Any recent surgeries, heart or health issues or concerns I should be made aware of.

​​Q14: Do you still give UMD, Community Colleges, Georgetown U, George Mason, Howard U, George Washington staff and students discounts?

A14: Yes, I do provided you are an actual Enrolled College Student and have a school or work ID, or Current legit class schedule. I work with both staff and students for various full body massage sessions. Email for more info. I will work with both staff and students on a budget as well.

​​​Q15: Are you gay?
A15: No, I am not gay, however I am open minded and been working with the LBGT community in the DC, MD, VA, NYC areas now for almost 15 years as of this January 2020. I am open and receptive and communicative to and for everyone. I am also a supporter-sponsor for the Pride Parade here in the DC area.

Q16: Are you Bi?
A16: Yes and No - I am just very open minded, friendly and open to all people, but I guess I would say I am more curious than I am straight. ​​​

Q17: Are you Metro accessible?
A17: Yes I am. However ultimately the better route is to
take Uber. ​​​​If you need me or us to come to you. I am a selective host. I/we generally travel to you.

Q18: Do your female partners do full service?
A18: Answer is no. - my partners do anything out my ordinary service - I fire. ​​​​

Q19: Are two females available for the 4 hands massage?
A19: No Male CMT - me must be present.

Q20: Do you have a female available for 1-on-1 massages:
A20: No. ​​I still haven't found a reliable fit partner available for 1-on-1 sessions just yet. It's harder
than a lot of folks think. Trust is earned.

Q21: Do you accept credit cards?
A21: No I used to, however with my card reader became quite a hassle. So I deactivated it 2 years ago.

Q22: ​​​​​​Do you offer a 4 hands massage with another male?
A22: Yes I do. His name is Bryan and works only when he has time outside of his full time career.

Q23: Does your other male partner do solo sessions?
A23: No he isn't certified but he is quite good with massage. Try a 4 hands massage out with us some time
I am certain you would enjoy it with two men. ​​​​

Q24: I've noticed when I Google you, I see a bad review. Is that associated with you?

A24: Yes I have had a bad review based on Kyle - a disturbed youth whom judged me without ​​​
even gaining a massage session from me let alone a 4 hands massage session. He stated that I had poor hygiene and everything was a wreck. I filed back to the claim made upon me and it's going to take in upwards to 120 days to be removed from Google. I have talked with my account reps with Google as well as the board he complained too. So it will be on for awhile longer until I can get it removed and out of site.

 ​​Meanwhile ​I wouldn't be in this field for nearly 15 years this coming January 2020 without a bad apple here n there. But he would actually be the first EVER in almost 15 years and still growing. So if that sways your choice, there are a lot of other Massage Therapists out there, but none like me.



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