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Sensationstouch Massage Therapy:​    ( Available in the DC-MD-NOVA Areas )
I am a passionate, CMT Masseur. I'm the kind of person who enjoys working on the body for my clients purpose and pleasure. That's one of the main reasons I entered into this line of work and field. I am available for both in call and outcall massage sessions throughout the DC-MD-NOVA areas. I completely enjoy knowing that I am able to relieve some of the daily strain, stress and pains we all receive from time to time through a wonderful massage as well as help people in their daily lives. ​I believe in the arts of a slow to medium paced stimulating, relaxing massage. I realized some time ago that personal growth and the continuation for a pleasurable touch is desired among a variety of men, women, couples.

​Many of my clients come from varied walks of life and every person is different. I have a intuitive touch and a deep desire to help people who want or need a massage like the styles I provide. I'm the type of person who enjoys working on the body for the well being and pleasure of my clients, in efforts to help relieve your stresses, tensions and, anxieties in day to day life.

As your masseur I'll be sure you receive the utmost quality of your time spent with me. Any one of my sessions includes, every aspect in a full body massage. I will use my best judgment on where to utilize time to those areas, unless instructed otherwise by you the client.



I genuinely care about your well-being.

If you have any questions, please ask me when you call, text or email to schedule an appointment. Questions are welcomed and will be answered to the best of my abilities.

Thank You,
Steve Giroux
301-803-9134 - Text Friendly and Preferred.



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